Email deliver-ability

Has your email been marked as spam? Some advice…

  1. You’ve attached restricted media (Gmail advice)
  2. You weren’t given permission from receiving email (GDPR advice)
  3. Is your sender information accurate
  4. It is recommended you include your physical postal address
  5. Dont use spam trigger words (Example words)
  6. Make sure your subject line text doesn’t sound like spam
  7. Dont send a large image without much text content
  8. Make sure you have an opt-out link when sending marketing emails
  9. Check you’re sending emails to valid accounts that exist
  10. Write your text with good grammar, foreign spammers often dont

How to improve email deliverability to Gmail email servers

Emails sent to Gmail can be added to a whitelist to confirm the sender’s email is not spam, read the guide above on how to do this. Unfortunately, you have to request your customers do the white-listing but if you understand what to do, you can explain to your customers

Test email deliver-ability from your email account

Our servers use the latest email methods to improve deliverability. If you want to evaluate how your email account performs test us using an independent deliverability service like Simply send an email from your account to the email address given in there website and you’ll see how well we score!

Find out if an email address/server is valid

Open one of the links below and enter an email address, they will confirm if you’re sending to a valid email or server valid email test valid email test valid domain/server tests